Background Combatting travel emissions on a global level.

Tourism accounts for 5% of global carbon emissions; with close to 1% attributed to the accommodation sector.[World Tourism Organization]

Recent studies indicate that the amount of carbon emissions emitted per hotel room is between 10 kg and 102 kg per night, depending on factors such as weather, hotel location, the size of the hotel and room, etc.

The initiative

Starting in late January 2013,, become the first app to automatically offset the carbon footprint of hotel stays for all bookings.

From the outset, the initiative elevated to the forefront of travel companies committed to the environment. With the elimination of the carbon footprint, the trips of those who book a room through have been and will continue to be a good deal more environmentally friendly.

In collaboration with the ALLCOT Group, continues its commitment toward sustainable hotel stays through its pledge to offset emissions of all bookings done through the app.

It is important to mention that is not applying any surcharges to its clients for the offsetting, thereby enabling them to continue enjoying their usual discounts of up to 50% off the price of hotel rooms. has pioneered a novel approach in the hotel reservations sector. No other hotel reservations operator, either nationally or internationally, is offering automatic emission reduction services for the entire duration of a hotel stay, that not only cover the room emissions, but also the supplementary emissions that result from the stay at the hotel.